Post Processing & Delivery

Post Processing

Taking the pictures is only half of the process. All images go through an editing process to ensure the the following:

  • Vertical lines are actually vertical (think walls) and things that should be horizontal appear that way.
  • The exposure is correct. It's not too bright or too dark. This may involve blending multiple images together.
  • Colors are correct. Neutral or white walls should appear neutral and not have a blue or yellow cast to them. Interior lighting should have a slightly warm appearance without being too yellow or orange. (or worse, green, in the case of fluorescent bulbs)
  • Finally the overall image is given a bit of "pop" (yep ... that's the technical term :D ) without looking unnatural or unrealistic.

File Delivery

Images are delivered to you in two sizes:

  1. A "small" version, sized to be 1,024 pixels on the long edge for uploading to HAR.
  2. A "large" version, for use in brochures and other printed material.

You will receive an email with a link to an online gallery where the pictures can be seen and downloaded. This gallery is typically active for 30 days to give you plenty of time to download the images. 

The email will also have a link to the invoice which can be paid online unless you chose to pay at the shoot. I don't require payment up front. My standard terms are 15 days from the shoot date. You're trusting me to make quality images of your listing. I trust you to pay the invoice. My accounting system will start nagging you automatically though after the 15 days. :)

Additionally, if you prefer, I can deliver the files via DropBox.