Tips For a Smooth Photo Shoot

Basic Guidelines

So you've decided to hire me to shoot your listing. That's awesome! Now let's make the most of your investment. The following guidelines will make sure that the home and homeowner are prepared and ready for the shoot.


  • Make sure the homeowner knows what to expect on the day of the shoot.
  • Give or send them a copy of my checklist linked on this page. (or send them yours!)
  • Ask the seller if there are any features of the home they want to showcase.


To ensure the actual shoot runs smoothly and finishes on time, please do the following before the shoot:

  • Remind the seller(s) about the photo shoot and make sure they are ready.
  • Arrive a few minutes early and ensure that they have moved their cars out of the driveway, the house is ready, lights are turned on and ceiling fans are off.

Printable Checklist

This page is really for you, the real estate agent. Need something to give your client? Click the button below for my free, printable checklist, "Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photography". This is a detailed guide for homeowners with tons of tips on getting their house ready for the shoot.

Get the list!