MLS Photography Details and Custom Options

My Process for Making Your Listing Look Great

To help you control your costs, I offer "standard" and "premium" shots for your listings.  

The Standard Shot

The camera is placed on a tripod to ensure sharpness and then a "correct" exposure of the room is captured. After the shoot these images are processed to enhance the brightness and contrast to make it "pop" and corrected for color.

The Premium Shot

A premium shots starts out like the standard shot but in addition to the image captured from the ambient light in the room, a second image is taken using flash. In larger rooms and open floor plans this may actually be multiple flash images. This set of images is then hand blended to create the highest quality result for your listing.

The advantages of the premium shot are:

  • Better matches the interior lighting with the light outside to show the view out the window.
  • Allows more accurate color of walls and flooring.
  • Helps to cut down on glare from shiny floors.
  • Prevents interior lighting from looking too yellow/orange or the daylight from looking blue.

My "Basic" $99 package is composed of all standard shots. The "Premium" package is a mixture of standard shots with a few premium shots used in the more important rooms like the family room, kitchen, and master bedroom. The "Deluxe" package is almost all premium shots.